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C-PU-2868 vs. C-PU-2861

Just posting this since I couldn’t find the answer anywhere else…  Maybe it’ll help some other fool like me trying to squeeze a little more life out of their old DeVilbiss or Craftsman air compressor ;)

At least for my old 6E60VAD stationary unit, a C-PU-2861 motor pulley is a viable replacement for the C-PU-2868 (“no longer available”).  The C-PU-2861 has a slightly larger outer diameter but is identical to the C-PU-2868 in every other regard.  All I had to do to fit mine was readjust the motor position to compensate for the larger diameter.  Should note that the C-PU-2861 did not come with a set screw or a square-key…  I just used the ones I had on the C-PU-2868.

Panasonic RF-680D Transistor Radio

I found this while cleaning out an apartment.  Works flawlessly with excellent reception and loud audio too.  The leatherette case is in rough shape, but did wonders to progect the radio.  I’m thinking it’s circa 1970 but I can’t be sure :(

Sony TFM-6100W Transistor Radio

Beautiful and simple, vintage 1975.  This one is flawless also and does not appear to have been previously out of it’s box.  Came complete with original packaging, mono ear-plug, directions and wrist strap.

Again purchased for use on the beach this summer, but now I’m reconsidering thanks to the flawless condition.

Sony SRF-4 FM Walkman Radio

This was love at first sight, vintage 1988.  It’s utterly mint and came with the original MDR-W15 headphones, belt clip and unopened yellow arm band.

I’d originally bought this to carry and use but it looks so fucking good, I’m having second thoughts for fear of messing it up.  What say you?

Panasonic CTF-2557R Console Television

Picked up this badboy yesterday, circa 1984.  Thankfully the dude that I got it from recognized the cool-factor and didn’t dump it on the roadside somewhere.  It only gets channels 02-64 but thankfully TWC moved VH1 Classics down to 61 so I’m good.

Witness how the totally awesome particle-board wood cabinet almost even matches the wood-grain plastic surround – Sweet, no?  It even has that old TV smell after it’s been on a while and check it – the remote control is hanging on a magnet to the left of the channel indicator so you don’t lose it… HA!