C-PU-2868 vs. C-PU-2861

Just posting this since I couldn’t find the answer anywhere else…  Maybe it’ll help some other fool like me trying to squeeze a little more life out of their old DeVilbiss or Craftsman air compressor ;)

At least for my old 6E60VAD stationary unit, a C-PU-2861 motor pulley is a viable replacement for the C-PU-2868 (“no longer available”).  The C-PU-2861 has a slightly larger outer diameter but is identical to the C-PU-2868 in every other regard.  All I had to do to fit mine was readjust the motor position to compensate for the larger diameter.  Should note that the C-PU-2861 did not come with a set screw or a square-key…  I just used the ones I had on the C-PU-2868.