Shearon-Harris Meet’n’Greet

I had an incredible time!  Got to put faces with a bunch of names, caught a few fish and put another top-notch reservoir on my radar.  It was an honor to have a couple of NCSU’s best bass fishermen in my boat – Those guys fished hard, took great care of the boat and have an open invite to use it again anytime!

Thanks to BassMasterWannaBe for hosting this thing, WELL DONE.  Should be noted that that the day began with a prayer which I, for one, very much appreciated.  Thanks too for trying the CPR format and working us kayak guys into the game.

Water was a balmy 71 degrees.   All the reports I got were a little strange, but constently so…  Bass were caught in 8-12 FOW, but immediately headed for the shallows when released.  I had the same results – Occasional taps in the shallows but no hits.  My bass was on a dropoff but headed straight for the bank when I released him.

I managed two white perch, two white bass, one LMB and a bream that took a 6″ topwater spook like it was an everyday thing.  Here are some fish that did NOT win but felt good on the line after two consecutive spankings this week.

And the catch of the day.  At least I matched the hatch…