Upper Wiley with Patrick and Barry

Rolled down to Mt. Holley to fish with Patrick this morning, snakehead was out for a while too…  Utterly beautiful day for it – Little breezy, not too hot, and just overcast enough.  Water above Dutchman’s Creek was clear enough to see 8′ down and between 63-65 degrees (cooler closer to the dam).  Around Bobby’s it was a little muddy but not terribly so.  Plenty of pickerel rolling near the fork and lots of cruising bass (some of very good size).

Fishing was kinda slow though.  Watched some guys slay’em at the dam early on herring but I can’t remember if they were catching bass or perch (I think it was the latter).  Between Barry and Patrick they landed some bream, warmouth and a bass each.  I managed a mediocre bass on some structure and a pre-spawn perch.  Anyway chartruese was the colour du jour…  My bass took a chartruese crankbait, Patrick’s took a chartruese lizzard and Barry had bass attacking his charturese bobber.  Go figure.

I got treated on the ride upstream to seeing something appearently unusual – Several dozen (100?) diving birds gave me a flyover.  Patrick told me what species they were but I can’t recall it…  Anyhow, he noted it was very strange to see them that far up in those kind of numbers.  Whatever they were, it was a beautiful sight.

Also saw lots of other yakkers out there and Luke (2011 Hardcore Champ) was on the water too.  The atmosphere was as easy and friendly as it always is down there and Barry even gave me a crash-course in the Indian heritage of the area…  After just a few moments on the bank, that guy had already located 1/2 dozen ancient artifacts and pottery pieces on the shoreline – Straight-up cool.

Dispite the slow action it still made for a terrific morning, I never get tired of that water or fishing with those guys…  Thanks for having me!