Randleman with Doc Love and MiniMe (sorta)

…Well at least that was the intention and we were on the same lake at the same time.  But since ding-dong here wasn’t aware there was more than one ramp, Guffey was the only man without a gas motor south of 62.

Had a great day nonetheless…  Water was 65f, average clarity and fairly calm.  Threw a variety of crap in shad, greens, chartruese and red that didn’t work. Changed to a craw color weightless Yamamoto Kreature and it was on, boated a couple of dinks then these guys came out to play…

Picked up another dink shortly after then it died off about 1:30, couldn’t buy a hit.  Boat traffic picked up so I called it a day around 2:30 satisfied and ready for a cheeseburger.