Kayak Cart Extroidinare

Needed a cart for an upcoming trip and checked at Get:Outdoors but they didn’t have one that would work with my different yaks.  Made this thing out of some scrap steel and a couple of cheap wheelbarrow tires.

Relatively simple design. Made from one 36" length of 1" box steel, one 36" length of 1" angle, 3/8" threaded rod, four 2" rings, two 16" wheelbarrow tires and two 1" box caps.


Steel rings were welded for tiedowns and to keep the boats centered.


Pins allow wheels to be removed, or they can be bolted on for stability.


Tiedowns and foldable support. Also, the cap can be removed and a tounge can be added to make a bike trailer.


Ground clearance is 10" but the center of gravity remains very low.


Once the paint is cured I'll be glueing these rubber strips to the frame.

Chances are pretty good I’ll have to add some 3″ supports on either side at the very front to accomodate my WS Ride 135’s ‘V’ hull.  I’m going to try it without the supports but that would be a simple addition.