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Kayak Cart Extroidinare

Needed a cart for an upcoming trip and checked at Get:Outdoors but they didn’t have one that would work with my different yaks.  Made this thing out of some scrap steel and a couple of cheap wheelbarrow tires.

Relatively simple design. Made from one 36" length of 1" box steel, one 36" length of 1" angle, 3/8" threaded rod, four 2" rings, two 16" wheelbarrow tires and two 1" box caps.


Steel rings were welded for tiedowns and to keep the boats centered.


Pins allow wheels to be removed, or they can be bolted on for stability.


Tiedowns and foldable support. Also, the cap can be removed and a tounge can be added to make a bike trailer.


Ground clearance is 10" but the center of gravity remains very low.


Once the paint is cured I'll be glueing these rubber strips to the frame.

Chances are pretty good I’ll have to add some 3″ supports on either side at the very front to accomodate my WS Ride 135’s ‘V’ hull.  I’m going to try it without the supports but that would be a simple addition.

Lower Catawba with Doug

Fished a nice swath of the Catawba below Wiley Dam with my friend Doug, made for a great Sunday.  The fish weren’t cooperating at first but we lucked onto a pattern after lunch – Doug landed a nice 20″ LMB on a trick worm…

I followed suit with a respectable 18″er of my own but that’s all she wrote.  Doug eventually bagged another one on the same bait in the same type of cover.  Frustrating though, we both saw fish everywhere all day but even after we found the bait, they wouldn’t commit to the strike…  Tap Tap Drop and that was about it.

Still had a bangin’ good time and learned a little more about fishing a flow – Even took my first rapids, backwards even!

Upper Wiley with Patrick and Barry

Rolled down to Mt. Holley to fish with Patrick this morning, snakehead was out for a while too…  Utterly beautiful day for it – Little breezy, not too hot, and just overcast enough.  Water above Dutchman’s Creek was clear enough to see 8′ down and between 63-65 degrees (cooler closer to the dam).  Around Bobby’s it was a little muddy but not terribly so.  Plenty of pickerel rolling near the fork and lots of cruising bass (some of very good size).

Fishing was kinda slow though.  Watched some guys slay’em at the dam early on herring but I can’t remember if they were catching bass or perch (I think it was the latter).  Between Barry and Patrick they landed some bream, warmouth and a bass each.  I managed a mediocre bass on some structure and a pre-spawn perch.  Anyway chartruese was the colour du jour…  My bass took a chartruese crankbait, Patrick’s took a chartruese lizzard and Barry had bass attacking his charturese bobber.  Go figure.

I got treated on the ride upstream to seeing something appearently unusual – Several dozen (100?) diving birds gave me a flyover.  Patrick told me what species they were but I can’t recall it…  Anyhow, he noted it was very strange to see them that far up in those kind of numbers.  Whatever they were, it was a beautiful sight.

Also saw lots of other yakkers out there and Luke (2011 Hardcore Champ) was on the water too.  The atmosphere was as easy and friendly as it always is down there and Barry even gave me a crash-course in the Indian heritage of the area…  After just a few moments on the bank, that guy had already located 1/2 dozen ancient artifacts and pottery pieces on the shoreline – Straight-up cool.

Dispite the slow action it still made for a terrific morning, I never get tired of that water or fishing with those guys…  Thanks for having me!

Randleman with Doc Love and MiniMe (sorta)

…Well at least that was the intention and we were on the same lake at the same time.  But since ding-dong here wasn’t aware there was more than one ramp, Guffey was the only man without a gas motor south of 62.

Had a great day nonetheless…  Water was 65f, average clarity and fairly calm.  Threw a variety of crap in shad, greens, chartruese and red that didn’t work. Changed to a craw color weightless Yamamoto Kreature and it was on, boated a couple of dinks then these guys came out to play…

Picked up another dink shortly after then it died off about 1:30, couldn’t buy a hit.  Boat traffic picked up so I called it a day around 2:30 satisfied and ready for a cheeseburger.

Shearon-Harris Meet’n’Greet

I had an incredible time!  Got to put faces with a bunch of names, caught a few fish and put another top-notch reservoir on my radar.  It was an honor to have a couple of NCSU’s best bass fishermen in my boat – Those guys fished hard, took great care of the boat and have an open invite to use it again anytime!

Thanks to BassMasterWannaBe for hosting this thing, WELL DONE.  Should be noted that that the day began with a prayer which I, for one, very much appreciated.  Thanks too for trying the CPR format and working us kayak guys into the game.

Water was a balmy 71 degrees.   All the reports I got were a little strange, but constently so…  Bass were caught in 8-12 FOW, but immediately headed for the shallows when released.  I had the same results – Occasional taps in the shallows but no hits.  My bass was on a dropoff but headed straight for the bank when I released him.

I managed two white perch, two white bass, one LMB and a bream that took a 6″ topwater spook like it was an everyday thing.  Here are some fish that did NOT win but felt good on the line after two consecutive spankings this week.

And the catch of the day.  At least I matched the hatch…